Citizens: The Loophole In Nigeria’s Development


This article is by Abdulazeez Yemmy Abdulazeez, in reaction to my article: “Failed Leadership; Cause of Nigeria’s Mayhem” It is concise and factual in some aspects. It requires a moderate reaction from me, but before that, you need read this first. It actually addresses some of our problems, as followers.   The state of our

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Apply For Free Summer Internship In London


Deadline: 1st Match 2015 Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford, which furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. We are offering the opportunity for recent graduates and final year students to apply for our Summer Internship scheme. The internship will last for eight

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Stop Procrastinating, This Is How It Kills You


Michael Hyatt’s witticism that life comes at us faster than we can manage is very apt and accurate. But it is very imperative we realize that living nonchalantly, especially by procrastinating things that require instantaneous action, is more hazardous to our lives. We must rather learn to manage it at all cost. In fact, that’s

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Failed Leadership; Cause of Nigeria’s Mayhem


Since the dawn of life, leadership has been the heart of all aspects of human endeavours. Talk about politics, business, education… social responsibilities, the only mechanism in charge of controlling the whole system is –leadership. Leadership, when at the right track, retains the position of the driving force towards success. And when derailed, it becomes

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Celebrating A New Year Or Starting A New Life?

At the end of every 365 days, the planet earth experiences universal festivities of different colours. To some people, the New Year is really a time for noisy celebration, smiling at the incomparable feats amassed at the previous years and the level of aggrandizement in their lives. While to others, unfortunately it’s more or less

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Call for Applications for the Youth Solidarity Fund 2014-2015

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UNAOC launches a Call for Applications for the Youth Solidarity Fund 2014-2015 The Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF) awards grants (up to USD 25,000) to selected projects that demonstrate innovative youth approaches to intercultural or interfaith dialogue. It only supports projects that are entirely developed and managed by youth for the benefit of youth. The age

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The Exemplary Leader Nigeria Needs – By Japhet Omojuwa


One was privileged to attend the Daystar Excellence in Leadership Conference with the theme “Exemplary Leader.” An apt topic for Nigeria across the planes of time: yesterday, right now and the tomorrows to come. The Excellence in Leadership and the Daystar Leadership Academy have helped to shape one’s understanding of leadership and it helps to

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Three Ways To Protect Success

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Letting down destroys you. Maintaining and sustaining success is harder than achieving it. Read this article to keep yourself moving successfully. Three ways to protect success by Dan Rockwell:   #1. Stay connected: Not everyone is excited about your success. Some feel threatened. Others want to protect their turf by dropping you down a notch or

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7 Great Leadership Qualities Every Leader Must Learn From Eagles

Photo Credit: jjjj56cp via Compfight cc

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Campus Speak 2014

Campus SPEAK

Campus SPEAK – (Campus sharing of personal experience and knowledge) is a Students-focused event organized across Nigerian tertiary institutions to provide sustainable solutions to global challenges (such as unemployment among others), discourage drug abuse, cultism, rape… and to also promote healthy coexistence, creativity, among others. At this year edition, we have gotten positive response from

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